HKS GTII 7460R Kai Sport Turbo Kit für EVO 4-9

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HKS GTII 7460R Sport Turbo Kit for Evo 4-9

New from Japanese performance tuning experts HKS is the HKS GTII 7460R, a stock replacement sport turbo kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV – IX vehicles (Evo 4-9).

The turbo assembly is a 100% original HKS design and production „reverse rotation“ turbo.
The size of the intake and exhaust holes has been increased for increased flow capacity, whilst a ball-bearing design has prevented loss of low speed response.
Twin Scroll design with larger bypass port allows for improved control of exhaust pressure at high speed and reduces load on the engine.
Turbo wheel and housings are made from heat resistant steel for increased durability and reliability.

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